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"Happiness is a butterfly, which, when pursued,
is always just beyond your grasp, but which,
if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you."
-- Nathaniel Hawthorne

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Pirates of the Caribbean Personality Tests
Results and links some tests...27 tests so far.

Lord of the Rings Personality Tests
My results as well as links to the tests...71 tests so far.
removed dead links - 10/jan/04

The Adventures of Astropope!
Something crazy I came up with...don't ask. LOL

Star Trek Personality Tests
Results for some Trek personality tests. Under construction.

Other Cool Tests
Results for some cool non-Lotr/Trek tests.
Added 7 new tests and cleaned out dead links - 31/aug/03

Sigs, Sigs, Sigs!!
Tons of sig files to liven up your email...or something like that. ;o)
Added 24 new sigs - 31/jan/03

10 Sexiest Men In Showbiz
this is so old. really needs to be updated. lol


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I don't normally use my site to promote stuff, but Mozilla's awesome!
With Mozilla all you have to do to eliminate popups is go to
Edit/Preferences/Advanced/Scripts and Plugins
and uncheck the "Open unrequested windows" option.
Bye, Bye annoying pop-ups FOREVER.
Try it. It's the best browser out there! (It's free.)

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